Dedication Address


Dedication Ceremony Addresses


On November 11, 1996, with great civic, personal, and patriotic pride, the VA Hospital at Walla Walla, Washington was properly renamed The Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center, placing a lasting tribute to this towns most noble and respected favorite sons, forever memorializing his heroic contributions in the defense of his country, and to all those who preceded him, those who stood beside him, and those who will for all time continue his legacy.


During the dedication ceremony, General Wainwright's cousin Peter Wainwright and noted Walla Walla historian Lawrence Dodd each offered the assembled members of the Wainwright family, invited guests, and hospital staff members and patients in attendance moving tributes to the general and to his forefathers who have so bravely and unendingly served to protect the freedoms for which our nation stands. 



We thought it only fitting to make those addresses a part of this memorial, so that those who remember and those who are to follow will forever be reminded of the standard which has been set; one of which we can all be proud and which may serve as the cornerstone for the brave men and women who will continue to stand watch for the world for all time to come.  Click here to read Peter S. Wainwright's words at the dedication ceremony in Walla Walla, WA.


Hal Leith Address  and Lawrence L. Dodd Address